Friends of Morphou

Welcome to
  those who love Morphou,
    those who are learning,
       and beloved inquirers!

Welcome to those who love Morphou, those who are learning, and beloved inquirers!

Here you will find a collection of subtitled videos of complete sermons and talks by the Metropolitan of Morphou Neophytos.

Not all of His Eminence's videos have been subtitled yet. As more are subtitled, they will be added to this list. Some subtitled videos retain their Greek titles.

These videos appear in the official Youtube channels of the Metropolitonate of Morphou and in the website of the Holy Metropolis of Morphou in the links below. In the website for the Metropolis, subtitled videos, links and transcripts for many language can be found by clicking on the appropriate flag. The reader is encouraged to visit the Youtube channels and the website even if they are mainly in Greek since they are very beautiful and interesting.

Recent Updates and New Additions

See the Videos page for the link and transcript of the three part interview Saint Evmenios Saridakis [Part 1, 2 and 3] | Metropolitan Neophytos of Morphou.

In every sermon and talk, His Eminence stresses the need for prayers to the Mother of God.

Particularly important examples this teaching occur in the videos Protection of the Soul at Death, the 2017 PIK Television Interview and Education of Children. In PIK Television Interview, Morphou reported on the vision of a Saintly person who saw Christ saying to the Theotokos, "but your hands are empty, Mother," meaning we have not supplied her with prayers to bring to Him.

To help with these instructions and remedy this situation, several important prayers are included here. They can be viewed and/or downloaded from the Prayers menu.

Some of the subtitled videos have pdf transcripts that can be downloaded.

Downloading of the transcripts is encouraged so that at times when the internet is down, His Eminance's valuable words will still be available. The transcripts are especially helpful for the long videos, such as the Meniko meeting which is over 2 hours long.

The following is a sample of a transcript file, in this case, the transcript of the The Cross of the Maccabees. For questions and comments, you may contact us at "admin" at the website address, friendsofmorphou dot com.