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Dogmatiki, Prayers to the Theotokos
of the Sunday Services of the Eight Tones

from the SVIT Orthodox prayer book, published by “Russian Day”

Committee of Luzerne and Lackawanna Counties, PA (1957)

4th ed. St. Tikhon Monastery, South Canaan, PA (2010)


Let us sing the praise of Mary, the Virgin, the Glory of all the world that sprung forth of man and bare the Lord, the Door of heaven, the Song of the Spiritual Powers and the Adornment of the Faithful. For it is She that revealed Herself as Heaven and the Temple of Divinity. For it is She that destroyed the bulwarks of enmity, ushered in peace, and threw open the Kingdom. In that we have Her the confirmation of the Faith, we have a Defender, even the Lord Who was born of Her. Be bold, therefore, be bold, ye people of God: for it is He that will vanquish the foe, even He that is All-Powerful.


The shadow of the Law passed away when the Grace came; for as the bush burned with fire yet was not consumed, even so a Virgin Thou didst bear a child, yet didst remain a Virgin. In place of the pillar of fire, there rose the Sun of Righteousness; in place of Moses, Christ, the Salvation of our souls.


How can we refrain from wonder at Thy human-divine birth-giving, O All-pure One: For though Thou receivedst not the touch of man, O All-undefiled One, yet didst Thou bear, without a father, a Son, in the flesh, born of the Father before all ages without mother, Who suffered no change, neither mingling nor division, but preserved intact the natures of both; Wherefore, O Maiden Mother, Sovereign Lady, beseech Thou Him that the souls of those, who in the true faith confess Thee the Birth-giver of God, be saved.


The Prophet David who, through Thee, was the forefather of God, did prophesy in melody concerning Thee, to Him Who wrought mighty things for Thee: Upon Thy right hand did stand the Queen. For God, Who was graciously pleased without father to become incarnate of Thee, hath manifested Thee as the Mother and Mediator of life, that He might restore again His image, which had become corrupted by passions; and that Christ, Who is great and merciful, when He had found the sheep which was gone astray wandering on the mountains, and had laid it on His shoulders, might bring it to His Father, and according to His will unite it to the Heavenly Powers, and save the world, O Birth-giver of God.


In the Red Sea of old was set forth the type of the Bride unwedded: there Moses was the divider of the water; but here Gabriel was the servant of the miracle. Then Israel passed over the deep with foot unwet; but now a Virgin hath, without seed, given birth to Christ. The sea, after Israel has passed over, remained impassable; the Blameless One, after the conception of Emanuel, remained undefiled. Thou Who Art and Who from everlasting Hast Been, hast revealed Thyself in fashion as a man: O God, have mercy upon us.


Who is there that doth not bless Thee, O All-holy Virgin? Who is there that singeth not Thy undefiled birth-giving? The Only-begotten Son, Who shone forth before all ages from the Father, the Same came forth from Thee, O Pure One, having in wondrous wise become incarnate, being by nature God, and becoming by nature man, for our sake; not being divided in two persons, but known in two natures, yet unmerged. Him do Thou beseech, O Pure, All-blessed One, that He will have mercy on our souls.


A Mother in more than human wise art Thou acknowledged, O Birthgiver of God; for Thou didst remain Virgin beyond word and understanding; and the marvel of Thy birth-giving can no tongue declare. Most glorious is the nature of Thy conception, O Pure One, incomprehensible like-wise is the manner of Thy true birth-giving: for when God so willeth the order of nature is conquered. Wherefore, in that we perceive Thee to be the Mother of God, with diligence we all beseech Thee that our souls may be saved.


The King of heaven, because of His love toward mankind, hath appeared upon earth and dwelt amoung men: for He was incarnate of a Pure Virgin, and came forth from Her through that incarnation, the Only Son, twofold in nature but not in Person. Wherefore, proclaiming Him, in very truth, perfect God and perfect man, we confess Christ to be our true God: Whom do Thou implore, O Mother unwedded, that He will have mercy on our souls.